2023 Racing Calendar

All information is based on what was available at time of publication.

Please verify specific dates before planning a trip, as some events may have been rescheduled.

Date Day Spokane WA Castlerock WA Boise ID Lords of Dirt Missoula MT CrawFest Mitchell OR Lodi CA Portland OR One-Moto Pedelton OR Vancouver BC American Flat Track Series Other
Mar-09 Fri                   Daytona, FL  
Mar-10 Sat                   Daytona, FL  
Mar-25 Sat                   Senoia, GA  
Apr-01 Sat           xxx       AZ Super TT  
Apr-15 Fri           xxx          
Apr-16 Sat           xxx          
Apr-22 Sat ST                 Dallas, TX 1/2  
Apr-29 Sat             GNHC        
May-06 Sat ST                 Ventura, CA ST  
May-13 Sat                   Sac-mile Sacramento, ca  
May-19 Fri           AHRMA          
May-20 Sat ST         AHRMA          
May-21 Sun           AHRMA          
May-26 Fri   opener                  
May-27 Sat   opener       GNHC       Red Mile, KY  
May-28 Sun   opener       xxx          
Jun-03 Sat ST                    
Jun-10 Sat     GNHC     ST     Whispering Pines, Kamloops, BC    
Jun-17 Sat ST                 DuQuoin, IL mile  
Jun-24 Sat         CrawFest Mitchell, OR xxx       Lima, OH 1/2 mile  
Jul-01 Sat                   Mineral Wells, TX 1/2 mile  
Jul-08 Sat                   Orange County, NY 1/2 mile  
Jul-15 Sat GNHC ST             Pendelton, OR Pemberton Speedway, Pemberton, BC    
Jul-16 Sun TT                    
Jul-22 Sat                   Bridgeport, NJ  
Jul-29 Sat   GNHC                  
Jul-30 Sun                   Peoria, IL  
Aug-05 Sat           xxx          
Aug-06 Sun                   Buffalo, NY  
Aug-08 Tue Pro Show ST                    
Aug-09 Wed   AM Nationals                  
Aug-11 Fri   AM Nationals       xxx          
Aug-12 Sat   AFT National               Castlerock, WA  
Aug-13 Sun       GNHC              
Aug-26 Sat                 Pemberton Speedway, Pemberton, BC    
Sep-02 Sat                   Springfield, IL mile  
Sep-03 Sun                   Springfield, IL mile  
Sep-07 Thu AHRMA ST                    
Sep-08 Fri TT                    
Sep-09 Sat SS               Rain Date    
Sep-10 Sun                     Rattlers Run Fairfield, WA
Sep-16 Sat           xxx          
Sep-30 Sat                      
Oct-07 Sat ST         xxx          
Oct-14 Sat ST         xxx          
Oct-15 Sun Final ST                    
Oct-22 Sun Banquet Bike Rodeo                    
Oct-24 Tue           xxx          
Oct-28 Wed           xxx          
Nov-27 Mon           xxx